Dallas - Pegasus Pin


1" Hard Enamel Pin

The original Pegasus, the logo of the Magnolia Oil Company, was completed in six weeks in the Dallas plant of Texlite, Inc and installed on the roof of the Magniolia Hotel in 1934.  The sign was produced to welcome oilmen attending the American Petroleum Institute’s first annual meeting in November 1934. Although it was never intended to be a permanent structure, Pegasus still flies above the Magnolia Building.  

Constructed of two identical horses spaced 14 feet apart, each horse measures 40 feet in length by 32 feet in height. A quarter of a mile of red neon tubing lights outlines the details on both sides of the silhouette. When referring to the two horses back to back, Harold Wineburgh, the owner of the Texlite sign company would say “Dallas doesn’t want to be known as a one horse town.”